English Bookshops in Athens

Where to find English language books in Athens? Here is a list of book shops I've assembled over time in my weblog. Currently in no particular order:

Compendium Books

English books, also with a used book section.

At the very end of Nikis street in central Athens (Syntagma area, towards Plaka), on the corner on 5, Navarhou Nikodimou street. phone 210 322 1248. Link to a map. Reviewed in this blog entry.

Παπασωτηρίου (Papasotiriou)

Most branches of Papasotiriou have a section with English language books. Mostly tending to mainstream stuff. Wrote about them here and there.

Librairies Kauffmann

Mostly French books, but also some German, English, Spanish. They have two shops, one on Akadimias, the other on Stadiou (28 IIRC). This is where I mention them.

Update: Librairies Kauffmann has closed. There is now a new french book shop in Athens:

Le Livre Ouvert

French books. I haven't been there yet. They are in 77, Solonos street (Kolonaki), Tel. 210-3629703.

Ελευθερουδάκης (Eleftheroudakis)

Their branch on Panepistimiou street is usually the first name people give you for English books, spotting reportedly a whole floor of books in their English section. I did not find them to be such a great resource, as I explained in this post.

Πολιτεία (Politia)

Another Greek book shop, but with a nice section of English books, especially in the classics area. They are on the corner of Asklipiou and Akadimias, very close to the bus station there. I'm describing my visit there here and there.

Best Book Hunters

47 Solonos street and 33 Leukados and Evelpidon. I've been at their Solonos street shop, which I found to be nice. Looks like I liked their small, but well assorted English section.


On 69 Akadimias street, right in the center of Athens. The shop isn't very big, but it's well lit and sympathetic. according to my blog post.

Update: The shop isn't there any more. There was a sign in the window, referencing two other close by book shops, but I didn't check them out.

Note to book shop owners (or people working there):

Want to have your shop listed? Like to beef up your entry? Sure! Please read the paragraph titled "Not Science Fiction" on the post "Looking For (English) Bookshops Again" and tell me why your shop sucks less in this respect, then I'll think about it :-) OTOH if you feel like, just contact me (see about for the address) and tell me what you think or who or what I forgot!

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