This is the wiki site of Sascha and friends. Over here Sascha shares his greek stuff and anything that doesn't fit into his main site and his blog ch-athens. Even though the site is a wiki, it's not open for everyone to edit, only for me (Sascha) and my friends. If you are a friend of mine and feel you could contribute, drop me a line and I can give you a login.

This site is driven by Zope (which is an application server), running an application called ZWiki. I have used a template from, made by dreamLogic as a basis for the design. Only small changes have been necessary.

I replaced the drawing in the original design though. The vi bear is a little drawing in my notebook. It's scanned in with high resolution, then my boss George from the famous Graphics Garage added the colorful backdrop to it.

To contact Sascha and the gang, you may send mail to:
papaki <at-sign>

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